We make them so Toggle

Fatti-cosiOur basket of products has been enhanced with many new features, being able to group a series of culinary delicacies all strictly organic and high quality products that have a strong connection to our land. We do not want to dwell too much in exposing and decant their characteristics and goodness. Just taste them to be able to recognize and appreciate the value. They are produced in crafted process and the raw materials used are all natural and organic certified. Every taste gives a double benefit, enhances the flavor and helps our health since all of the noble substances contained in the raw materials are not lost during processing, but are found in all our products to be good for the body as well as to give joy to the palate.

A brief description of our product lines will give you an idea of ​​the quality they offer.

So many products under just one quality trading brand
The Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, first cold pressed
“Biogocce”, the Organic Seasoning in extra-virgin olive oil merged with organic essential oils and organic natural extracts
Preserves, Bruschette and Vegetal Creams…the organic appetizers never usual
The Organic Olives, never be the same…just like our days
Perinos, the Gourmet side-dish for fussy palates
Bio Primo Amore, the Homemade Pasta, our first love
Backed goods, natural snacks for any break you take