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olio-salute-3Only from raw materials of excellence, grown and harvested in our olive tree groves of the Gargano National Park, in the fields and barns Tavoliere and Murgia Appulo-Lucania, born our organic food products. The high quality standard of our references represents the perfect harmony for Taste and Health merge.

Proper nutrition is essential for a good quality of life for aging well. Health is gained mainly at the table, learning the proper rules of healthy eating.

The Mediterranean Dietis now considered worldwide one of the most effective for the protection of health and is also one of the most varied and balanced funds that are known.

So, when we buy a food product, we sould always remember that our body will be going to assimilate it. Therefore the quality of the food itself, means a contribution of health to the body, it must be our essential parameter of choice together with the taste of the food we buy.

All VIANOVA organic products  represent, in a simple and tasty way, the best of traditional Italian food with the attention to always use raw materials that bring with them, even after transformation, all their vitamins and beneficial characteristics. Are well suited to any diet regimen, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Vegan. Try always eating Healthy and Tasty Organic Italian Food, whatever diet you follow…if you want, choose VIANOVA to be sure of it.

Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.Ippocrate 400 B.C.