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oil&JPs-Vianova-img-piccolaOur main products, which represent our company pride, are undoubtedly the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Seasonings based on extra virgin olive oil merged with essential oils and natural extracts also 100% organic.

How to give our customers the quality of these products in a total way? This was our question when, having reached the desired quality in terms of taste and salutariness, we approached the need to enter these products on the market. After some feedback, we decided that the container should be at least the same manner as the contents. So, choose something immediately able to catch the desire to purchase them without paying much attention to content, or choose something that is functional to the product itself and in a way also to those who buy it? The choice fell on a container that combines both of these requirements, a metal bottle completely created to contain the extra virgin olive oil, which, together with the graphic label used, we have indeed given to these products the absolute guarantee of complete quality . Why? Find out by reading below …

Total Quality, inside and outside the product


Polyphenols wearing RayBan

Like the best sunglasses, our metal bottle protects our extra virgin olive oils by the light, guaranteeing absolute quality.

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Pouring as you like!

Our pourer stopper integrates a retractable, low dosing flow, to easily control the desired amount. Pours as you like!

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Never break

Lightweight and unbreakable, these other aspects that make our bottle the most suitable dress for our products in oil.

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