Eppi Auar


The italian bruschetta and appetizers.

Eppi Auar, write as you eat. Our Italian aperitif: Semi-dry chopped tomatoes, deliciously enhanced with olives or other vegetables. They provide a touch of elegance to create tempting appetizers, side dishes and salads. Authentic taste for seasoning croutons, bruschetta, sandwiches and rolls.



The Mini Semi Dried Tomato Gourmet

The Perinos, our mini tomato pear-shaped, deep red color and firm flesh. Is dried in the sun to bring out and concentrate the natural sweetness. The intense flavor lends itself to the preparation of side dishes or appetizers with a simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil.

Attimi di Bontà


Don’t call thems simply preseves

Our preserves come from the processing of organic raw materials of high quality. Ideal as a tasty appetizers, side dishes to main dishes, quick snacks and to enrich the salads. Bringing to the table to rediscover the taste and health of the Mediterranean diet and eating Italian.